See The World Through a Kaleidoscope of Color This Fall

As a time of change and new beginnings, we say our final goodbye’s to Summer and welcome September with open arms as it brings us the onset football and festival season, cooler weather, Pumpkin Spice lattes, National Talk Like A Pirate Day, and of course, the first day of Fall. With so much to look forward to over the next 30 days, it is important that we celebrate the start of this new season by taking a moment to notice the radiant pops of color that it brings to our lives. Appropriately described as “a festival of colors”, Fall never fails to amaze as it sprinkles its radiance over our world each year and transforms it into a brilliant mosaic of vibrant hues. But, of course, let’s not bid our farewells to Fall before it even starts…

Instead, let’s prepare for the colorful season ahead of us by taking a slight detour into the world of color. Below is a fun chart from Paper Source that aims to tell you a little bit about yourself based on your favorite color. Aside from the unconventional color names, this is a cool way to learn a little bit about the meaning of our color preferences and get us excited for the upcoming season change. So, without reading the descriptions first, take a moment to really consider the chart’s many color options. After you’ve picked one and read about its meaning, think about whether or not it somehow applies to you.

What were your results? Were they accurate? Comment and let us know!

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