FitMetrix Provides State-of-the-Art Software Platform for Fitness Industry

Technology continues to change the landscape of the fitness and wellness industry, and FitMetrix is at the forefront of that movement. Providing a customized workout experience for gym members that tracks results in real-time, FitMetrix also allows for gym owners to set up a personalized electronic front desk experience to provide gym-goers. This state-of-the-art technology provides gyms the ability to brand the front-end of the platform while also   providing the gym members the ability to schedule, train and receive real-time tracking of effort and performance all in one place.

Created by co-founders Monica Dioda and Josh Lloyd, FitMetrix’s intuitive software is transcending the way gyms provide unique services to their members.

In just three short years, FitMetrix has grown tremendously and attributed its success to its ability to provide branded solutions, product integrations and real-time results under one platform. FitMetrix is used by hundreds of gyms across the nation, from boutique fitness facilities to franchises, including LifeTime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Cycle Bar, Cooper  Institute, US Fitness and more.

The state-of-the-art software platform is completely customizable, providing gym owners the opportunity to brand their leaderboards and front-end user system. This not only elevates the gym member’s experience by allowing them to provide unique customer service, but also allows for the gym’s website to be a one-stop-shop for members. FitMetrix also integrates with ABC Financials and MINDBODY scheduling, among other existing platforms, to provide members easy access to all of their information without leaving the gym’s website. The software is available as a white-labeled, customizable app and accessible on iTunes, providing easy access of scheduling and results to all members under the gym’s brand.

The platform is also compatible with most heart rate monitors, allowing for complete syncing of information no matter the preferred device. Featuring three core group training tracking solutions (indoor cycling, rowing and treadmill), the software provides individual heart rate training results and a calorie monitor as well as tracks cyclists/rowers’ distance and watts during a workout.

For more information on FitMetrix, please visit http://www.fitmetrix.io.

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